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YSH Presents New Service Learning Curriculum Samples!

Youth Service Hawaii is proud to offer service learning curricula created by local teachers for local teachers!  In our vision to expand the practice of service leaning in Hawai`i, one of our goals is to provide adaptable resources for service leaning practitioners and community partners.  These curriculum samples are currently available for FREE from Youth Service Hawaii.

Click HERE to see a list of the curriculum samples currently available, and to request free copies.

This project was made possible through generous funding from a Hawaii Community Foundation Capacity Building Grant.



Service Learning Curriculum Samples from Other Sources

Water Planet Challenge Action Guides Join EarthEcho's Water Planet Challenge to improve the health of the environment in your community and around the world. Find out how what you eat, your energy use, and what you send down the drain all affect our water supply.

Environmental Lesson Plans Available for your free use are hundreds of K-12 environmental lesson plans and activities.

Make Sparks Fly (Age 15) The "Make Sparks Fly" program is a series of 15 student lessons based on the "Fifteen Actions to Support 15-Year-Olds" outlined in Best Buy's Teen Voice 2009: The Untapped Strengths of 15-Year-Olds. The lessons are most appropriate for language arts, social studies and career exploration and advisory classes. The program will help teens reflect on their "spark," find their voices and develop the relationships critical to success in their endeavors. In each lesson, students will engage in self-reflection, read about relevant topics in USA TODAY and be directed to take action on the @15 website. At the end of the program, students will have a portfolio of ideas and inspirations that will help them turn their sparks into achievable goals. Through thoughtful, creative (FUN!) lessons that consider multiple learning styles, the Make Sparks Fly program will help Best Buy show that it does, indeed, stand for youth.

Teacher Lesson Plans Check out a new website that contains lesson plans for all grades and subject areas linked to standards of many states.

Youth Addressing Childhood Obesity through Service Learning [PDF] Youth Serice America has put out a publication/guide for a service learning project/curricula for school aged kids to address the problem of childhood obesity. The guide includes information and research as well as suggested activities for each part of the four-step service learning process – preparation, action, reflection, demonstration.

SLICE: Service-Learning Ideas and Curricular Examples SLICE is the newest tool from Learn and Serve America's National Service-Learning Clearinghouse to help make service-learning easier and better. It's an easy-to-search database full of hundreds of high quality service-learning lesson plans, syllabi, and project ideas. Get teaching ideas or submit your own today!

What Kids Can Do: Service Learning Ideas Let You Reach Across the Globe Science teachers helping students learn about solar energy, learned about the solar light project that is helping Kambi ya Simba in Tanzania, East Africa by having students construct Taa Bora lights as a service-learning project. From the perspective of educators, it was a perfect fit: students learned about solar energy and the developing world, they got hands-on experience building the lights, and they connected with students in Tanzania, whose schools and lives could not be more different. If you want to learn more, here are two resources. The book "In Our Village" tells about the villiage, it is a book written by the students in the village. Also check out Green Energies, LLC, which invented the Taa Bora light used in the service projects.

Finding Inspiration in Literature & Movies (FILM) Journey to the Center of the Earth Curriculum This site, a partnership of the National Collaboration for Youth, offers free youth curriculum that uses movies to promote literacy, learning and service. Engage your youth in the fun of reading and science with the latest curriculum for the new action-adventure movie Journey to the Center of the Earth, based on the classic novel by Jules Verne. Using this curriculum, youth have the opportunity explore imaginative geologic adventures inside the Earth brought to life on the big screen, the fun of real world science, taking personal journeys, and much more! The free, downloadable Journey to the Center of the Earth curriculum, Journey to the Center of the Earth: Embark on Your Journey, includes interactive group, individual, and partner activities for youth ages 8-12. Themes in the guide include: Reading for fun: comparing the book to the movie; Conquering obstacles and fears; Embarking on a journey of your own; Exploring the fun of science; Discovering the real world of exploration; and adventure Making an impact in your world.

One World Program Lesson Plans - The One World: Connecting Communities, Cultures, and Classrooms Program teaches students fundamentals in diversity, respect for others, and building communities. The lessons help children develop skills to promote empathy, dialogue and respect. The program includes a Student Journey Book that provides extensions and a deeper exploration of the lessons topics. All lessons and support tools are available online for download.

Youth Service America Global Youth Service Day Offers planning tools for service learning and information about Global Youth Service Day planning guide. For more information, click HERE.

Get Into It: A Special Olympics Service-Learning Curriculum Designed for teachers to teach K-12 youth about mental retardation and give opportunities to be involved in Special Olympic events.

Character Education and Service-Learning A general service learning resource site.

Giraffe Heroes Project Fosters active citizenship by telling the stories of these "giraffes" who stick their necks out, in the media, on podiums and in the K-12 Giraffe Heroes Program for schools.

Becoming Jane Activity Guide Available from F.I.L.M. (Ages 13-15) Set in England during the late 18th century, Becoming Jane is an imaginative romantic comedy that depicts a 20-year-old Jane Austen as she struggles with life-changing decisions. A free, downloadable youth development activity guide, "Becoming Jane: Becoming a Better You," is now available from Finding Inspiration in Literature and Movies ( F.I.LM.). The guide includes interactive activities and group discussion questions for youth ages 13 - 18. Themes that are addressed include: choosing your own path, mentoring to make a difference, and the pressure of expectations. Youth are encouraged to see the movie, read a Jane Austen book, and complete a service project around the central themes.

Bullying, Conflict Resolution, and Service Learning (High School)
In this module, students provide community outreach to their younger peers on the topic of bullying. This module takes students from the high school level and teaches them important information about bullying. This curriculum addresses bullying behavior, building empathy, motivating awareness, and teaching assertiveness. Students then take this information and teach the curriculum to fifth and sixth grade students.

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